Tuesday, October 01, 2013

News from Our Publications

The English translation of the book written by Pope Francis in Spanish, titled: "Open mind, Faithful heart",  is published by our friends at Crossroad in USA. As we have the publication and distribution rights in Asia, the book is also being translated into Chinese. We hope, the title in English (for Asia) and Chinese will be available for distribution before Christmas.

New version of the New Testament in Chinese

After seven years of intense research, we have completed the new version of the New Testament in Chinese. The manuscript was submitted a few weeks ago to the Chinese bishops for formal approval.

"A Forbidden God"

A Movie on the Martyrs of Barbastro with Chinese subtitles
Some of you may have already seen in the movie in the cinemas of Spain. "A Forbidden God" tells the story of the 51 members of the Claretian community of Barbastro who were martyred in the beginning of the Spanish civil war. This is a film about love and forgiveness. The script is already translated into Chinese and we will put the subtitle when the film is available for screening in Asia.

Seven Years of Daily Gospel in Chinese 

The Chinese edition of the Daily Gospel is in its 7th year of publication and its appreciation and popularity has grown over the years. For the year 2014 Chinese edition of the Daily Gospel 110,000 copies have been printed. It is a service we do for the formation of Christians in China, working in teams and devoting much time and money. many ask us: "What can you do in China as a missionary?" You see, with a little imagination and passion for the gospel ... you can do many things!

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