Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"The Tale of Two 'Univer'sities" !

The University of Macau
 Model of the new campus of the University of Macau
The Macau SAR government is undertaking the construction of the new campus for the "University of Macau". This is a project of 1.3 billion dollars. ...
For all the money gained from the flourishing casinos, the SAR Government is giving something back to the society for its future generations
View of the new campus

The University of San Jose
Meanwhile, the University of San José (Catholic University of Macau), much smaller, is also building its new campus ... of course ... also with the help of the SAR government = casinos!!

New Campus (under construction) at the University of San Jose - Macau

The Diocese of Macau is responsible for the university in collaboration with the Catholic University of Portugal. Diocese's mission is to promote ethical and Christian values ​​in education in this city 'dedicated to the gambling'. Fr. Alberto is chief executive of the foundation that oversees this work and other activities of the university.

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