Friday, November 01, 2013

Claretian Mission Day in Macau

In the afternoon of Sunday, October 27th, more than 200 people participated in the “Day of the Claretian Mission” in the facilities of the Seminary of Macau where a Claretian Missionary, Fr. Jojo serves as the administrator.

 Concelebrated Holy Eucharist at St. Joseph's Seminary Chapel
The event consisted of three parts: the presentation of the Claretian Mission in these regions, especially  the new publications of 2013; the Eucharist, and a shared meal.

 Photo opportunity with 'Pope Francis'!
The Eucharistic celebration presided over by Rev. Fr. Lawrence Lee, the Chancelor of the Diocese of Hong Kong, was concelebrated by six Claretians and over 10 priests from the local Church.
 The Claretian Community of Macau - Hong Kong with 'Pope Francis'!
We were privileged to have a special visit from Pope Francis (!) -  by means a full-size photo in which he posed with the participants.
Participants during the Eucharistic Celebration
With Fr. Lawrence Lee, [R]Chancellor, Diocese of Hong Kong 
Fr. Rossa with 'Pope Francis', introducing the books on the Pope
Audience look amused at the arrival of 'the Pope'!
Sharing of food and thoughts!
Duirng the dinner time, The Macau Television channel did an interview with Fr. Rossa to know more about the new books released by the Claretians especially about the four books about Pope Francis.
Lights... Camera... on roll...! 
Fr. Rossa being interviewed
The News Coverage of the event

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