Friday, November 01, 2013

“CLARET Publishing Group” at the Book Fair in Frankfurt

Once more, “CLARET Publishing Group”, which represents the publishers run by the Claretian Missionaries in various parts of the world, had a booth at the Book Fair in Frankfurt which took place from the 9th to the 13th of October. And Fr. Alberto represented the Claretian Publications, Macau - CHINA

At this session of the Fair, Brazil was the invited country of honor. 7,500 booths from more than 100 countries took part in this fair, considered one of the most cultural events of the year. At the fair copyright or other rights of translation are managed and relations are established between editorial and commercial publishers in different countries.

The stand of “Group of Claret”, on this occasion was one of most frequented by the participants, thanks to the fact that the “Claretian Publishing House” of Buenos Aires (Argentina), possesses the "copyrights" of all the writings of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, before he was even chosen Pope Francis. In collaboration with other publishing houses of the group, these writings also have been edited and published, in diverse languages, in the places where the Claretian publishing houses are  present: Brazil, Spain, the Philippines, China, etc.

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