Sunday, June 01, 2014

From the Editor's Desk:

We have been talking about it for long! And finally when the project gets to its completion, there is an air of joy, accomplishment, satisfaction and of course anticipation and anxieties... The publishing of the new revised Chinese Bible arouses a mixture of all these emotions! Finally we are at it! 
This is the cover of the Chinese New Testament that is expected by the end of June. The text is in traditional (old) characters, for the South China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan region. 

'Sharing the Joy of the Gospel in China' 
Our mission is to help China build 'bridges', no 'walls'. This book is a step towards this direction. Written by a Chinese teacher presents the history, challenges and potential prospects for evangelization in China. The book will also be released in Chinese in the near future.

Bible Diary 2015 and Daily Gospel 2015 
The Final touches on the Spanish Bible Diary 2015 and Chinese Daily Gospel 2015 are underway. This year we introduced a new concept for the Spanish version of the Bible Diary. Alberto spent a few weeks in Mexico working with the team and finally it is into print: 87,500 copies with for more than 20 destinations across the glob! Here we have the cover: 

Ensure your copies today! You can also order for other books from Claretian Publications by visiting us here: 

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