Sunday, June 01, 2014

Indian Pilgrimage...

Fr. Jojo lead a group of faithful on a 10 days pilgrimage to India in the first week of May 2014. Fr. Jojo writes: 

"A Pilgrimage is a journey trusting in the providence of God and going to the places wherever He leads". Well, this is what I told the people who asked for the itinerary and detailed plan of our trip. And the definition that I gave was to escape from the duties that I was suppose to do. These words of mine created lot of tension and fears among the people even though they did not express it explicitly. 
However we felt God's providence throughout our journey and strengthened our faith and trust in God. We visited churches, temples, families, homes for orphans etc. In short, we entered wherever people welcomed us. 
We were also blessed to meet many important church leaders from India like Cardinals, Bishops, Nuncio etc.......and all these without any appointment. 
And we felt that Church is a big Family. Even though many were not able to talk the language every one understood the language of LOVE which made our trip an enriching experience. 
The local Newspaper picked up the story of the Chinese group visiting the country! 

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