Tuesday, July 01, 2014

And speaking of tests ...

The puzzle that children solve in seconds can create headache for adults. Consider this one:

This was a puzzle asked in the test for admission to the elementary school in Hong Kong. In the social network media it has become a viral phenomenon!  In which parking spot number is the car parked in the illustration? This was a question to the six-years old children, seeking admission to Primary school in Hong Kong.  Children have 20 seconds to answer.

As expected, the kids take a few seconds to solve this puzzle, while the Secondary school students solve it in few minutes, but the university students and adults grind their head on it for hours looking for the answer!  Why? The solution is easier than it appears!  You just have to put aside logical thinking and approach the problem more creatively. This is what is known as lateral thinking, fostered in Eastern culture.

Have you found the solution? Remember to think like a child. If not yet, patiently read through the blog, and you will get it!  ... do not cheat ... !!

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