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Welcome to the China Bulletin - July 2014

News from Claretian Publications & PBF

New Testament in Chinese 
In it's 15 years of existence  the Pastoral Bible Foundation (PBF)we have published the Bible in 12 languages. The most recent publication is the Chinese New Testament. A labor of love of a group of highly committed people.

The main characteristics of this new translation are:

·      A completely new translation to modern Chinese directly from the original Greek text.

·      A translation that is faithful to the original language and at the same time of easy understanding for the reader, using the principle of dynamic translation.

·       A completely new set of commentaries to make the text more intelligible to the reader following the big tradition of the Catholic Church and connecting Bible and life.

·       There is also a guide for Lectio Divina: every paragraph has an invitation for personal and group discernment with a guide to: Read, Reflect, Pray, Act.

·       Six years of intense work with the best Chinese biblical scholars available.

·       A total of 700 pages.

·       With the approval of the Catholic Church (Imprimatur).

It is our fervent desire that this new Catholic bible translation be of help to readers of present and future generations to attune their lives with the Good News of Jesus. Meanwhile the biblical team continues working on the translation of the Old Testament to modern Chinese.

"Human Prayer" - by Pope Francis 

In June, we have also published the writings of Pope Francis in Chinese. It is a translation from the Spanish original "Mente Abierta, Corazón Creyente" - later published by us in English as: "Open Mind - Faithful Heart".
These are writings Pope Francis when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires. The original book has been divided into four volumes and the first one to be published is on Chinese is "On Human Prayer". You will find that many of his 'surprising' ideas are already present in these books. The book has 136 pages.

Daily Gospel 2015 

Every year, we print the Daily Gospel both in Traditional and Simplified Chinese. The Daily Gospel is expected to be ready for distribution by early October. The print is in full color.

Here, we present the covers of the Daily Gospel 2015. 
This is the cover for Traditional Chinese (distributed outside mainland China):
And this is the cover for the Chinese Simplified  
130,000 copies for distribution within China:

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