Friday, August 01, 2014

from the Publisher's Desk:

Chinese New Testament - crossing borders 

Ms. Winnie WongOur Chinese editor, was in France recently. Here she is Pictured with Regis Anouil, director of the news service of the Paris Foreign Mission Society
Daily Gospel & Bible Diary 2015 
With the readership for the Chinese Daily Gospel in the Mainland and in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan increasing steadily year after year, this year we are printing 120,000 copies of the Daily Gospel 2015. 

We have also dispatched over 90,000 copies of the Bible Diary 2015 in Spanish to 33 destinations world-wide.  
Divine Leon
Ms. Divine Leon, of Claretian Publications, Macau undertakes the massive job of  monitoring and coordinating the entire print-job, customer contact and shipment to the destination countries. Thanks Divine!

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