Friday, August 01, 2014

Claretian Youth Ministry

Japan - Taiwan Claretian Youth Encounter 
Our missionaries from Japan and Taiwan organized a meeting of the Claretian Youth from these two countries from 25 to 27 July.

The language and culture are different, but they are united as children of God, in the Claretian family. The theme of the gathering was:  Lux Oriens 2014 "Light of the East", following the invitation of Jesus to be "light to the nations".  The Events of the gathering hovered on the topic "Abide in Me". Our Youth Coordinator, Fr. Bobin Punnackapadavil from Taiwan shares about the event:

35 young people from Japan, Taipei and Changping gathered to strengthen their bonds under the theme “Abide in Me” based on the Gospel of John 15:1-15.  
Jesus’s invitation to become the Light of the world by abiding in Him 
as the Wine and the Branches was focused throughout the encounter with different activities.  We had Taize Prayer, held both in Chinese and Japanese; 
Talks about the life and problems of youth; 
Introducing Claretian congregation and its mission specially in Taiwan;
Talks on Reflexology by Fr. Josef Eugster and of course, enjoying the panoramic beauty of   Changping. 

This encounter really helped the Claretian youth to strengthen their bond and friendship.  This event would serve as a curtain-raiser for the upcoming Asian Claretian Youth Encounter 2015, to be held in the Philippines.  

Youth Ministry in Hong Kong
Youth group in Hong Kong, after a Youth Mass at St. Benedict Church, Shatin Wai 

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