Monday, December 01, 2014

A Visit to the Old Mission - Huangshan, China

The Huangshan Mission was featured in several earlier issues of the China Bulletin as the Missionaries still cherish an emotional bonding to this pioneering missionary venture in the Mainland China. Huangshan was the first Claretian Mission in China where the missionaries were serving the Church until they were expelled in 1950.

The old mission centre was traced back 19 years ago when Fr. Mario started visiting the mission. Recently together with Fr. Jojo, Fr. Mario paid a visit to Huangshan.
Fr. Mario with Bishop Hefei and some friends in the cathedral church

Fr Mario and his great friend Nicholas. 

Nicholas was an altar boy when missionaries were expelled in  1950. Nicholas served many years in the prison and 'survived' meditating the Gospel of St. John!  He has copied the entire gospel of John in Spanish by hand and holds the manuscripts! 

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