Friday, May 01, 2015

Exploring the Middle Kingdom

"The Middle Kingdom" - is the literal meaning of the word 中國 / 中国  - the Chinese name for China. 

Fr. Rossa together with Father José Rovira and Father Joseph R. Márquez have made a trip across the mainland China, meeting our mission and business partners.

One of their destinations was the Amity Printing Co., in Nanjing where millions of Christian Community Bible and many  other titles are printed every year. On arrival, the Amity management rendered  a royal welcome to their priced customers! Below the Amity logo, you find a banner welcoming the visiting guests! 

For Fr. Alberto, it is business as usual!  Busy having swift "proofing" in Amity 

The Trio in Tienanmen Square, Beijing; 
Its time for a 'selfie' with the "Forbidden City" in the backdrop  

A snowy "great wall" 

On the Great Wall, but Father Joseph R. Márquez (in the middle)  refuses to be off-guard! 

Another historic Icon in Beijing: The Temple of Heaven 

St. Joseph's Church in Beijing 

This is in Macau. Some youngsters attempt a sky walk, over 300 meters above the ground level,  Of course, with all the possible harness around them 

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