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Welcome to the China Bulletin - May 2015

Ordination in Japan
The Catholic Church has about 509,000 faithful in Japan - less than 0.5% of the total population. There are 16 dioceses, including 3 archdioceses with 1589 priests and 848 parishes in the country.
Deacon Maximilian Kolbe Nagasaki So
Catholicism and Christianity in general, was introduced to Japan by Portuguese explorers and missionaries, especially the Jesuits, as St. Francis Xavier. 

On Sunday April 26, universal Day of Prayer for Vocations, at 2.00 in the afternoon, our brother Maximilian Kolbe Nagasaki So was ordained a priest in the Cathedral in Osaka. Together with him a diocesan deacon was also ordained a priest .
The Ordination Mass in the Osaka Cathedral 
The Osaka Cathedral, which was recently reinforced to withstand earthquakes, hosted the celebration. The ordination was an occasion of great celebration before a packed cathedral and in the presence of three bishops. 
Newly Ordained Priests. Fr. Nagasaki So on the left 
Along with the many priests of the diocese the Claretian Missionaries of Osaka and Tokyo participated in the celebrations.  

First Mas of Fr. Nagasaki So 
Perpetual Profession and Renewal of Vows
Ken Masuda making his perpetual commitment before Fr. Francisco Carin ,
Delegate Superior of the Claretians of East Asia 
On Monday 26 April at 5 pm, the Claretians Missionaries in Japan gathered in Hirakata Residence Chapel to celebrate the renewal of vows of our Vietnamese brothers, Stephen and Paul, and the perpetual profession of our brother Ken Masuda. The parents of Ken, Takashi and Teresa, joined us in the celebration.
Renewal of vows 
It was a simple but solemn celebration. The readings (Col 3:12-17 and Lk 4:16-22), chosen by those who made their profession, invited all of us to reflect on some key points of our life as Claretian Missionaries: brothers in mission united in love and zeal for the Gospel.
The three professed Claretians in Japan 
Also, as Father Claret himself lived and believed, and clearly expressed in the texts of Isaiah and Luke that Claret cherished so much and are considered central to his missionary vocation, ours is a mission that has a preferred subject —those who have been left out by the powers of this world, a mission centered on mercy and empowerment

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