Tuesday, December 01, 2015

News from our Publications

The Bibles printed in China reach destinations all over the world. In November this year, we have helped in sending two containers of Bibles and Bible Diaries in French and English to Cameroon. The Bibles are printed in Amity Press, Nanjing in China. 

Translation of the Old Testament into modern Chinese 
After the publishing of the New Testament in Chinese with Lectio Divina, we are moving ahead with the project of the translation of the Old Testament and this turns out to be a monumental task, particularly because of the nuances and differences of the language in the Mainland China and in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Take a look at the sample page of the editing:
Introduction to the Book of Judges
More to come! Watch out for a series of comic books in Chinese, telling the stories of the Bible for kids. Fr. Jijo, Director of the Claretian Publications in Macau and his team are busy on the project! 

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