Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Perpetual Help School - Tai O

One of the famous tourist spots in Hong Kong, Tai O is part of the newly created Epiphany Parish of South Lantau. Tai O became popular for the presence of the Chinese White Dolphins which can still be spotted on good weather conditions... Many in Hong Kong fear that the construction of the Macau -Hong Kong bridge and the expansion of the International Airport will drive these lovely creatures away from the Hong Kong waters. 

The Fishing Village of Tai O 
An areal view of the Tai O Village
The small Chapel and the school building in Tai O are not utilised well as the school had been closed for more than 15 years and the parishioners are just a few. Once in a month a few parishioners from Mui Wo accompany the priest to Tai O to celebrate the Holy Eucharist in the Chapel. Hence, a better utilisation of the facility to develop it as a centre for Bible studies and retreats is a vision we have in mind for the Centre in Tai O.
Perpetual Help Chapel and School in Tai O 
Fr. Alberto and Fr. Ezakias in front of the Perpetual Help School and Chapel

Donated furnitures 
More Furniture! Thanks to AIJESDA! 
And the vision could soon be actualised as some of our friends have arranged a lot of furniture donated to the Church, which can now furnish the empty class rooms of the school building. We need to make some essential repair and renovation work and our dream would soon be a reality! 

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