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Welcome to the China Bulletin - August 2016

Foundation Day of the Claretians 

Founding Fathers of the Congregation 
The Congregaition of the Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, popularly known as Claretian Missionaries, was founded on 16 July 1849 by a group of six diocesan priests from Spain under the leadership of Fr. Antony Mary Claret, with an obejective to be itinerant Preachers of the Wordof God and they called themselves to be the "Servants of the Word". 
The Claretian Community of Macau and Hong Kong 
New Chapel in the Claretian House in Macau 
Over the years, the Congregation grew in numbers and spread through Spain and Europe and to Latin America and then to the rest of the world. The Founding Father, Fr. Antony Claret went on to become a bishop of Cuba. He died in the year 1870. 80 years later, in 1950 Pope Pius XII canonised him as a Saint. 
Fr. Jojo Ancheril presiding over the Eucharistic Celebration
on the Foundation Day 
The missionaries spread across the glob and 167 years after their foundation, over 3000 missionaries work in 65 countries in the  world, including China - Taiwan, Macau & Hong Kong. In his Foundaiton Day message to the Congregation, Fr. Mathew Vattamattom, the Superior General had these words of encouragement and support: The first thing we learn from contemplating the foundation scene is the readiness of the founding fathers to listen to the Spirit of God rather than to their fears and pains. We find the path to tread in troubled times by discerning what God asks of us in each concrete situation.

Happy Foundation Day! We are only 167 years old! 
For the Claretians in Macau and Hong Kong, the year 2016 is of significance as it marks the 10 years of the Missionary presence in this region. Fr. Alberto Rossa was the pioneering missionary who came to Macau in January 2006. On 15 July this year we celebrated our Foundation Day with the blessing and dedication of the renoveated chapel in our residence in Macau. Fr. Rossa blessed the Chapel and Altar in the presence of all the members of Macau and Hong Kong communities. Fr. Jojo Ancheril, Consultor of the East Asia Delegation, presided over the consecrated Eucharistic Clebrations. 

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