Thursday, September 01, 2016

News from the Publications

A flyer for the Bible Dairy 2017 in Spanish
Our Annual flagship title - "Bible Diary" and "Daily Gospel" are out on stands for grab and most of the orders of Daily Gospel 2017 and Bible Dairy 2017 have already reached their destination! This year "The Bible Diary" turns 21 years old and now it reaches more than 20 countries. It all began in Manila in 1985, and now it is published in over 20 languages by the Claretians worldwide and over a million copies are sold each year. 
Cover of the Daily Gospel 2017 in Simplified Chinese 
Daily Gospel 2017 for Mainland China: We have printed 120,000 copies. But most significant distribution happens through the electronic means - It's available for free download throughout China.
Cover of the Daily Gospel 2017 in Traditional Chinese
This is the version of the Daily Gospel 2017 is for the South China region including Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. 
The "Bible Diary" was published 1985 in the Philippines. This was a result of the Bible Study programme we started in the parish. People started asking for a booklet with the daily readings and a short reflection and some space for writing! So Bible Diary was born!
The 'little brother' of the Bible Diary was born in 1999 with the title "Daily Gospel".
As in previous years, we have offered to help the Claretian missionaries in Cameroon in Africa so that they can distribute the Bible Dairy and Daily Gospel, with their own commentaries and design. These are published in English and French. 

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