Wednesday, August 01, 2012

"Doctor Jesus"

Meet our friend, an Australian Oblate of Mary Immaculate, Fr. John!  You would find him loading his heavy backpack with easy to read booklets, visiting the Prisons in Hong Kong - five days a week - to meet and encourage and to share the Good News with the prisoners. Surprised? Then, must know this as well: for the past 27 years, he was working with the poor and needy in Hong Kong

We met him in his humble apartment in Hong Kong: it's just 10 square meters, no more! And half the given place is with boxes of books, piling up to the ceiling. He lives there for years. 
"Prisoners need to hear the Good News. The Bible ... perhaps is too big to handle ... we must give them something much simpler. In addition, most of them are non-Christians", he says. Thus he came up with the idea of "Doctor Jesus". It's is a booklet he prepared and his friends helped him publish. Each page carries a sentence of the gospel and a testimony of the prisoners.

 Fr. John with a group of collaborators
"Doctor Jesus" is available in English and Chinese.
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Fr. John has also prepared a summary of the Old and New Testament (two volumes):

These books are also available in Chinese.
Last year, Fr. John has distributed over a thousand copies of our "Daily Gospel 2012" (Chinese edition) among the prisoners and they really liked them ... Naturally, they expect to receive the "Daily Gospel 2013 " this year!
Claretian Publications join forces and work together with Fr. John to bring the Word of God to the most distant, separated, abandoned. 
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