Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mission in Henan Province

Henan Province
Henan is a province of China located in the center-east. With nearly one hundred million inhabitants, is the most populous province in China. Henan is often regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization. Northern Henan, along the Yellow River, has been the core of ancient China for at least half of its history. Several archaeological sites in this area reveal that different prehistoric cultures were active here.

Our veteran Chinese missionary, Fr. Peter Chao, has been in Zhumadian City, Province of Henan,  giving retreats and conferences to priests and to different groups of religious from 9 - 25 July, 2012. Fr. Peter, Having taught at the National Seminary of China (Beijing), gets a way to exercise the ministry in different parts of China.

Zhumadian is a city in southern Henan Province. Its area is 15,083 km ² and a population of over 7 million.
Henan landscape
Fr. Peter Chao, CMF  and the participants of the  
retreat, together with the local bishop
Fr. Peter Chao with another group of religious  
at the end of the second retreat

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