Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Welcome to the Macau-China Bulletin: August 2012

"The kingdom of heaven is like yeast: 
a woman takes it, mixed with 
three measures of flour until all the 
whole mass of dough began to rise."
(Matthew 13.33)

The month of July brought a lot of news from China ... not always pleasant,though. The events over the last episcopal ordinations have thrown the relations between the Church and China into a lot of tension. But the message of Jesus, as seed and yeast, is growing. So today we share with you the experiences of life and mission during the eventful month of July.

University students in continuing education

China must be evangelized by the Chinese. Christian college students are the target group for the mission ... like the mustard seed (Matthew 13.31-32).
Young Christian professionals 
in the northeastern city of Harbin.
Prayer ...
Study ... ...
... And shared joy.

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