Saturday, September 01, 2012

Preparing for the Year of Faith in Chinese Style!

Fr. Peter Wei is a Chinese priest who has studied a few years in Spain. He helps us with the translations translations into Chinese. Here, he writes to us on his preparations for the Year of Faith:  

Dear Friend:

With joy I inform you that between 16 and 27 July, we have walked from the Temple of Zhugeliang, in Sichuan Province, to the grave of the Rev. Fr. Vicente Lebe, a missionary from Belgium, and one of the biggest promoters for the inculturation of the Gospel in China, and one of the biggest promoters for the first episcopal ordination of native clergy in China.  
We were a group of 56 people, among them, four priests, 15 brothers, a sister, 35 laymen, and non-baptized. We walked about 360 kms. In fact, it is the fifth year we organize the walk, a new way to live Christianity in China. And the walk this year has a special purpose of preparing the year of faith that Pope Benedict XVI has called for, starting in next October. And for the next year, God willing, we will begin the journey from Shangchuan Island (where St. Francis Xavier died) to the tomb of St. Peter Sanz (Spanish martyr). 
Peter Wei
Fr. Peter Wei with his 55 pilgrim preparing
Year of Faith

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