Friday, February 01, 2013

Fr. Arturo Morales celebrates the Silver Jubilee of his Religious Profession.

A small gathering of the closest Claretian friends joined together in Taishan house to celebrate the
Silver Jubilee of Rev. Fr. Arturo Morales on 24, January, 2013. 
 Fr. Arturo Morales being felicitated by Fr. Peter Chao
In an interview, Fr. Arturo relished the experience of his call to be a Claretian. Little Arturo followed a caring Claretian brother with much interest during his school days in his home country, Chile. Unfortunately (heartbreakingly for Arturo) he discontinued in the very year Arturo joined the seminary. 

 Fr. Arturo in the company of his friends
By the time Arturo had already found that it was Jesus who was actually calling him and followed Him very closely that he continued to live in the Congregation. (The brother with whom Arturo still keeps in touch, eventually became a diligent human right activist in the autocratic days of Chile! In Claret’s list he must be a Claretian even now!)

Fr. Arturo continued his journey in the midst of hardships in Taiwan when it was easier to leave than to stay. His loving nature has endeared many among whom, is a lady who refused to help him to process the official documents when he knew hardly any Chinese. To their delight she was present in the Jubilee Celebration! 
 Getting friendly is one thing but keeping them long as friends is another. He does both, a sure sign of his personal charisma. Fr. Peter Chao reminisced that Fr. Arturo was responsible for identifying his adventurous journey to be a Claretian.
 You can only marvel at this man who effortlessly changes his stay for pastoral needs in spite of his natural tendency to stay put. In the midst of affluent  plenty, despising the promises of position and prospects he chooses to work with the aboriginals of Taiwan. Indeed his is a Silver Jubilee in golden letters!

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