Friday, February 01, 2013

Gaudium et Spes and Ad Gentes: Year of faith formation in the the Diocese of Wen Zhou

The Constitution Gaudium et Spes and the Decree Ad Gentes, two important documents of the Second Vatican Council, were the theme for the second training course of the year of the faith in the Diocese of Zhou Wen, held on 26 January. 430 Catechists and lay faithful of the  parish, together with the Diocesan seminarians and priests participated in the training sessions.
Five priests of the diocese elaborated the history of the Council, the meaning of the two documents, the creed, the meaning of the cross and evangelization in the year of the faith. In addition, catechists were invited to "first strengthen their faith and then transmit it to others". According to the Diocesan Vicar, "there will be several training courses for catechists and lay people, because they are the protagonists of the life of the Church, of the year of the faith. The revival of the Church depends on the laity".

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