Saturday, February 09, 2013

Parishioners of a Beijing Church to donate two copies of the Bible per month

The commitment of each parishioner is to donate two copies of the Bible every month to two non-Christians during the Year of Faith: This is how the Miraculous Medal Parish (called the West Church) in Beijing, plans to celebrate the year life of faith. According to information gathered by Fides, during Christmas night, the first 700 copies of the Bible donated by parishioners are already in the hands of the recipients, along with the parish bulletin on evangelization. And the answer was immediate: many of them have enrolled in the course on Catechism!

The gift of the Bible to non-Christians is not the only part of the parish initiatives for the Year of Faith. After the first hundred days of the Year of Faith, the parish has organized a concert, "Light of Faith" for the promotion of vocations. After two hundred days, around Easter, the main theme would be the promotion of religious life. And the third stage will cover the life of the parish.

The parish was established in 1723 by Fr. Teodoricus Pedrini (1670-1746) and is dedicated to the Miraculous Medal, whose feast is celebrated on July 16.

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