Monday, July 01, 2013

Adventures of Fr. Jojo!

When shall we visit our relatives?

 Jojo's 'elder sister!'
Each month Fr. Jojo our adventurous companion enters the Mainland to visit several leprosy patients' treatment centers. He is always accompanied by volunteers either from Macau or Hong Kong. They are often professional people who choose to put themselves 'grounded' from time to time.
Jojo with his group of friends from Hong Kong
This is what Jojo got to say:
"Every time I visit China I am evangelized. Last week we visited a leper colony with four partners and friends from Hong Kong. One of old patients in the colony said to me, 'Thank you for coming to visit me brother ... and when shall we go to our village to visit the other relatives?'!!  Only after talking to her for a long time I realized what did this old lady mean: Her Chinese name is Jau, and that happens to be my name in Chinese as well! Hence,  for her I was her younger brother ... (and well convinced!)"

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