Monday, July 01, 2013

Macau Community is growing!

Welcome Fr. Mario
Fr. Mario Bonfaini,  Claretian veteran in this Frontier region, has now become part of our community of Macau / Hong Kong.

Fr. Mario Bonfaini
Fr. Mario (an Italian by origin, with a Japanese nationality) spent his youth as a missionary in charge of kindergartens in Japan. Then he served in Taiwan for several years as a pastor. There has organized the apostolate called "Stella Maris", paying attention to Japanese tourists in Taiwan. He joins the Macau-HK community, loaded with experience both as an educator and evangelist. Welcome!
Fr. Mario  keeps himself connected via Skype..

Fr. Mario shares some of his happy moments during his holidays in Italy :
During the baptism of his niece, Alice
I was asked by the Parish priest to baptize a baby of one of my close relatives. knowing that I was a missionary in Asia, he asked me to preside the Solemn Mass for the baptism of six babies. My answer was: “Many thanks. That is a grace of God that gives me so much of unexpected joy
With the "new born" and the family
The Joyous smile of Alice, the "Little Angel"
Mario keeps his motto: "What I can do, I will do it with joy", which keeps him cheerful, taking up his assignments!
With a group of "Trapist" nuns at Penha Hill, after the Eucharistic celebration
With a few Buddhist Friends on the Penha Hill 
New Phase of the Bulletin Blog: 
We are glad to announce the new developments with the Macau Bulletin !!
With the arrival of Fr. Mario, the Bulletin Blog enters into a new phase - the Blog is now available in Italian as well! 

For the Italian Version of the Blog, -  NOTIZIE DI CINA Bollettino informativo della ” Missione di Macao”, Cina Kindly click on the following link: 

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