Monday, July 01, 2013

Welcome to the China Bulletin, July 2013

Hong Kong’s 16th Handover Anniversary

 From the 16th Anniversary Celebrations of Hong Kong SAR

Chinese national and HKSAR flags are raised at a ceremony organized by 
Hong Kong Celebrations Association to mark the 
16th anniversary of the SAR outside the government headquarters
Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents gathered at Victoria Park before the annual pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong on 1 July, amid a typhoon threat and driving rain. The protesters demanded for promised democratic reforms to allow them to directly elect their own top representative. 
The march began at 2:30pm. Hong Kong police said that 66,000 participated at its peak, up from their estimate last year, when they said 63,000 joined the event. Meanwhile, protest organizers said that 430,000 participated, up from their previous year’s estimate of 400,000.

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