Sunday, December 01, 2013

Pilgrimage to the tomb of St. Francis Xavier

In the Last week of November, Fr. Jojo & Fr. Mario lead a group of over 60 parishioners to Shangchuan Island (上川岛), on the southern coast of China. Its name originated from São João - Saint John in Portuguese. This is the island where St. Francis Xavier breathed his last in 1552. 
The Tomb of St. Francis Xavier 

It is part of the Guangdong province, in the South China Sea. Located 14 km from the mainland, it is the largest island in the province.
Frs. Jojo, CMFMario Bonfaini, CMF
at the St. Francis Mount, Shangchuan Island

It is known in history for having been the place of death of St. Francis Xavier.
The Pilgrims at the tomb of St. Francis
The Spanish Jesuit Missionary, Francis Xavier died there on December 2, 1552, on his way to Guangzhou.

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