Sunday, December 01, 2013

Welcome to Fr. Jijo!

Fr. Jijo [2nd from right] on arrival to the Macau Community
On 29 November Fr. Jijo Kandamkulathil has joined our community in Macau. Fr. Jijo comes from India. He had rendered his services for over a decade in some of the remotest and poorest villages of the North East India before moving to Taiwan earlier this year to study Chinese. Now he will continue his studies in the Mainland China. With the arrival of Fr. Jijo, we have four Indian Claretians in our community: Jojo, Jose, Ezakías and now Jijo. Wonderful people, each one with a particular talent and an ability to learn the Chinese!  Jijo will be joining the publications team.

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Paulson V. said...

All the very best to Father Jijo. May his talents contribute to God's work in China.