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Our partner publisher

Our partner publisher - "Faith Press"

We are in the city of Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province.
Hebei Province has 90 million inhabitants. Shijiazhuang is its capital with 10 million inhabitants.
Faith Press is the largest Catholic publishing house in China, almost the only one. We publish the Daily Gospel in Chinese for the Mainland readers in collaboration with the Faith Press
It is a photo of March 2009 ... but also reflects the meeting we just had.
We have already been working together for several years. As foreigners we cannot 'publish' in China and we can only do it through a publishing house recognized by the government. Over the years, working together we make a good team: we prepare the books and cover printing costs; Faith Press handles the last proof-reading and distribution.

We wish to share with you the facts and statistics regarding the amazing growth of the Daily Gospel in Chinese over the past five years : 5 years ago we published the first "Daily Gospel" in Chinese - we had printed 5,000 copies. This year, by late October 100,000 copies of the Chinese Daily Gospel is sold out!  Such is the wide acceptance and reach, the Daily Gospel has made through the farthest corners of the country. For next year we we paln to print 120,000 copies by August 2014 and that would keep the option for a reprint if required!
Daily Gospel 2014
Now, our main project is the publication of the new translation of the New Testament in modern Chinese. During this meeting we presented the last 22 'books' of the New Testament: From the Letter to the Romans to  Revelation. A book that has 730 pages: Introductions, text, parallel passages, new comments and guidance for Lectio Divina. The New Testament will go into print before the end of this year.

We are also preparing the Chinese translation of several books of Pope Francis.

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