Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Testimony of Missionary

He is a Doctor in Theology, holds Masters in teaching English as a second language, a writer, speaks Chinese and of course, a missionary!

He is teaching English in a Chinese university, with about 170 students attending his sessions for more than two years. I want to rage. Most students in this remote campus in central China come from poor families, with great interest in learning and his mission is dedicated to them entirely. It is the testimony of presence he provides them with, through his job well done, lived values, and spreading the joy of the Lord! He motivates them. He follows the the mandate of the Missionary in it's true spirit: "Through all possible means ... to spread the Good News of Christ!"

The university appreciates his job and has recommended his for a special award at the provincial level as "Friend of China" . Bravo!!

 (But, he dose not want his name to appear in my blog! Sorry, I can't tell you who he is!!).

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Bernard Michael O'Hanlon said...

Who is this man please? What a job he is doing in the Lord's name!