Tuesday, April 01, 2014

From the Editor's Desk

The ministry of the Word
It is one of the ministries that characterizes us in Macau: publication of books. We are pleased to introduce to our readers some of the latest titles from Claretian Publications, Macau

 "Letters and Revelation"
We have just published the last part of the New Testament in simplified Chinese, for distribution within China. They are the last 22 'books' of the New Testament. Previously we have published the four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles. The next step is to publish the entire New Testament in one volume: New Chinese text, with introductions, commentary and guidance for 'prayerful reading' or Lectio Divina.
The Book was released on 31 March.
This is the announcement of the new book in a weekly newspaper for all dioceses, parishes and pastoral centers in China. The book has 736 pages. Pastoral Bible Foundation has subsidized the book for the Church in Mainland China and is sold at a retail price of $ 2.40

Our Dream Project: New Chinese New Testament
After seven years of hard work, finally the new translation of the New Testament in modern Chinese is going into press.

The new translation of the New Testament is a direct translation from Greek, supplemented with extensive introductions, notes, references and a guide to Lectio Divina [Reading, Reflecting and Praying] for each section of the New Testament. Here is the cover designed by a Claretian priest, Mino Cerezo Barredo :

"A Year with Pope Francis"
With the coming of the Pope Francisco we have created a special series to carry his message of evangelical freshness to our people, especially in Asia. Some time ago we announced the publication of a pocket-size book with collection of quotes from the writings of Pope Francis. The book was edited by Fr. Alberto himself. The quotes of Pope Francis are arranged with a monthly theme and a thought for each day of the year, taken from his writings. The title proves to be a best-seller and we are now into the third edition within a period of six months after the book was first published. The book has been published in the United States (Paulist Press) and Ireland (Columba Press). The Home-page of the magazine, The Sacred Heart Messenger carries the following advertisement:

"The People Wish to See Jesus"
We just released a new title, authored by Pope Francis when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires: "The People Wish to See Jesus". The title consists of his lectures to catechists and teachers. The book was originally published in Spanish in Argentina by Editorial Claretiana.
We have published six titles under the series 'Pope Francis Resource Library'. The last two were written by Pope Francis himself, and these two titles are also available in traditional and simplified Chinese - for the benefit of the Chinese Church. Meanwhile the English copies are distributed in Asia, especially Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Philippines and India.

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