Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Angels on your way ...

Many time over the past years I have heard Fr. Alberto mentioning about an Indian friend in Dubai who helps him to do the language correction and proof reading of our English Bible. Almost everyday Alberto receives a couple of pages of work - giving suggestions and stylistic corrections for better presentation of the text in each page of the Bible. Interestingly, they had never met each other and this friend would never a take any remuneration for his work either!
Mr. Adolph Dias with Fr. Alberto in Dubai 
On his return from Rome last month, Fr. Alberto had a few hours of stop over in Dubai and and there they met for the first time: Mr. Adolph Dias, a Chemist by profession, waited for him, surprised him with gifts and took him for a short walk! Alberto says, these are 'angels', God keeps on our way! 

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