Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Broken Nepal ...

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake rocked Nepal on April 25 and just under two weeks a second, magnitude 7.4 tremor struck the country leaving over 9,000 people dead and thousands more injured and devastated.  

Claretian Missionaries in India responded to the crises through the disaster management services by one of its social welfare projects - namely the "Project Vision". Following the first earthquake, two days after the first of many subsequent aftershocks, social workers from The Project Vision in Bangalore, India, began working among the thousands of victims, addressing the colossal humanitarian crisis. 
Coverage given in the Sunday Examiner - the Catholic News paper in Hong Kong 
The organisation formed a subsidiary group under the banner, Bangalore Cares for Nepal, to handle disaster management and relief operations in the affected areas.  Claretian Missionaries in Macau and Hong Kong, together with their friends and collaborators have raised a small charity fund to assist the rehabilitation projects of Fr. George Kannanthanam and his Project Vision team. 
Fr. Jojo (left) and Fr. Jaison, CMF (third from the right)
with some of the affected families  in Nepal 
Fr. Jojo Ancheril during his month-long vacation in India also took time to visit the affected areas in Nepal. The short video "Broken Nepal" by Mr. Shaison Antony is an account of the visit of Fr. Jojo and his friends to these sites of devastation. 

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