Monday, February 01, 2016

Pilgrims of Mercy

Pilgrims gather in the Our Lady of Joy Monastery in Lantau Island
for the opening of the Holy Doors in the Year of Mercy
1 January of this year also marked the opening of the Holy Doors in seven designated churches in the diocese of Hong Kong. Our Lady of Joy Abbey  - the Trapist Monastery – of Lantau Island was one of the seven Churches where Bishop Stephen Lee, Auxiliary bishop of Hong Kong officiated the liturgy. 
Pilgrims attending the liturgy on 1 January 
During his homily, Bishop Lee reminded the 1000 plus faithful who gathered in the gardens of the Monastery that while passing through the Holy Doors, one should leave behind all that is not becoming of a true Christian and enter into a new life of grace and mercy of the Lord. Numerous priests and religious from across Hong Kong participated in the liturgy began at 3.00 pm.

A good number of parishioners of Epiphany Parish in Lantau Island participated in the liturgy as the Monastery is situated within the boundary of the Epiphany parish. Earlier in the morning, a group youth from St. Benedict Church in Shatin joined the parishioners of Mui Wo on a two-hours long pilgrimage walk to the Monastery. 
Confessions prior to the liturgy of the Opening of the Holy Doors 
Introducing the pilgrimage walk, Fr. Alberto addressed the pilgrims and said that we are all pilgrims on this planet and through our life in faith we progress every day towards our final destination. 
Fr. Alberto addressing the pilgrims in Epiphany Chapel
before setting of for the monastery 
Pilgrims on their way 

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