Friday, January 01, 2016

Welcome to the China Bulletin - January 2016

Thanks for joining us! 

There are over 500 monthly news blogs ... sharing the Word of God and the life of the Church in China, Macau and Hong Kong. 

Claretians in Macau- Hong Kong-China are completing 10 years of their presence in this region! It was on 11 January 2006 Fr. Rossa arrived in Macau and we thank God for His mercy. 

China - Macau Bulletin was started in early 2006 with the monthly blog in Castilian. Soon followed the blog in English. Later the blog in Italian and Chinese blog were started recently. Thanks to many of our friends for their contributions! 

To all our readers: Thanks for joining us, to share, to empathise with the life of the Church in China. 

We know that some of you sent the link to their friends and so help us in this task of evangelization through the internet: Also Thanks! 

10 years of the blog are available on the same link. Feel free to share it with your friends on your contact list. 

Wish you all a grace-filled New Year 2016 

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