Friday, January 01, 2016

New Testament for mainland China

Cover of the New Testament in Simplified Chinese 
This is the "good news" by far for the New Year! We open the new year with the arrival of the New Testament in Simplified Chinese. It contains introductions, commentaries and extensive pastoral guidelines for the prayerful reading (Lectio Divina) for each paragraph of the New Testament. The text has 1550 pages printed in two colors. 

This is a pioneering work for the sole distribution in mainland China at a price well below its printing cost. It is a project of the Pastoral Bible Foundation and the Claretian Publications of the Claretian Missionaries who work in China, under the title: "Bible Claret".
Left side of the page is NT text with parallel references below
Right side gives guide to Lectio Divina and pastoral commentaries

Meanwhile we continue translating the Old Testament into modern Chinese.

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