Friday, January 01, 2016

Our Visitors...

Fr. Joshy James with Fr. Alberto in Mui Wo 
We had a number of our conferrers and friends visiting us in Macau and Hong Kong in the month of December. Fr. Joshy James from Taiwan was in Macau and Hong Kong in the first week of December. He hails from India and for the past seven years he has been rendering his services in Taiwan.
In Mui Wo 
Together with Fr. Jose, Fr. Ezakias and Fr. Alberto 
Acquaintance with the Missionaries also attracts youngsters to embrace religious life. A couple of youth came to live with us for a couple of days to live with us as part of their discernment process. 
Jose, Simon, Peter James, Bro. Sid and Alberto in Mui Wo 
Lantau Island is known for his beautiful landscape and exciting hiking trails. A group of friends from Shatin came on hiking from Tungchung to Tai O (a little more than 14 kms. on a mountainous terrain). The Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Tai O is one of the Mass centers of Epiphany Parish in Mui Wo. 
The Hiking Team from Shatin in the Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Tai O 
Fr. Luc Song in Mui Wo, Hong Kong 
Fr. Luc Song , a Chinese priest who is completing his doctoral studies in Scripture paid a visit to our new parish in Mui Wo. He has done his studies in France and Rome. He is  part of the biblical team working on the translation of the Old Testament.
In the Mui Wo House 
Fr. Jojo (extreme left) with a group of bishops from the Philippines in St. Lawrence Church  in Macau. The Bishops were in Macau for a meeting and several of them are well known to the Claretians and we had a good opportunity to recall the times gone ...

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