Friday, January 01, 2016

A New Year's Prayer

Fr. Blas Márquez, A Claretian Missionary, wrote a beautiful prayer for the eve of the New Yrear. Fr. Blas is a poet, a prophet, very committed missionary who worked in the poorest countries. The Original Prayer in Spanish is translated by Fr. Alberto and Fr. Jose Marques. As we begin the New Year 2016, we wish to share this prayer with all our dear readers, supporters: 

I thank you, Lord, for everything you gave me in this year that is ending.
I thank you for all the sunny days and also for the cloudy and the sad ones.
I thank you for health, sickness, pains and tears.

I thank you for everything you lent me and, then, asked it back from me.
I thank you, Lord, for the friendly smile and the helping hand, for love, for everything beautiful and everything sweet. Thanks for the flowers and the starts, for the existence of children and good souls.

Thanks for the loneliness, concerns, difficulties and tears, for everything bringing me closer to you.
Thanks for having preserved my life, for giving me shelter and sustenance.
What will the year that is starting bring me? Anything you want, Lord.

But I ask you FAITH to see you in everything, HOPE not to falter and CHARITY 
to love you every day more and make you loved.
Give me, Lord, what you know it is good for me, and I don’t know to ask for.

May I have an alert heart and attentive ear, active hands and mind 
and the readiness to always do your Holy Will.     
Pour out your graces upon all those I love and grant your peace to the whole world. Amen.

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