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The WORD of GOD:

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New edition of the Chinese Pastoral Bible

The preparation of a new edition of the Chinese Pastoral Bible has been underway for several years. The concept of having more than “one” Catholic bible translation is new for many Chinese. Recently we received the backing of the most prominent Chinese biblical scholar, Fr. Mark Fang, S.J.

Fr. Sergio Edwards writes from Taipei on February 28:

“Yesterday I went to Fu Jen University and I visited Fr. Mark Fang. He supports the reprinting or new edition of the Pastoral Bible. He feels that Chinese Catholics should have access to more than one Bible translation. He always encourages his students to have also Protestant Bibles in order to compare with the Sigao Catholic Bible [the most widely used Chinese Catholic Bible] because sometimes the meaning is clearer in other versions. All the more he feels that another Catholic Bible would be of help for Catholics to better understand things that are not clear in the Sigao Bible….”

We have several teams working on the final preparation of this totally new edition of the Chinese Pastoral Bible and you will hear more about this project in the coming issues.


Catholic Prayer Bible…
The Catholic Prayer Bible
Lectio Divina Edition
New American Bible

The Pastoral Bible Foundation, a Claretian ministry, is working with Paulist Press (USA) in the preparation of the Catholic Prayer Bible.

To introduce this Bible we have prepared the book of Acts of the Apostles taken from the forthcoming Catholic Prayer Bible: Lectio Divina Edition, which contains meditations for every passage in Holy Scripture. It is an ideal Bible for anyone who desires to reflect on the individual stories and chapters of just one, or even all, of the biblical books, while being led to prayer through meditation on that biblical passage.

Here is a sample page from the book of Acts of the Apostles:
click image below to enlarge

The Catholic Prayer Bible: Lectio Divina Edition will be available from Paulist Press and Pastoral Bible Foundation in the fall of 2010. Reasonably priced, it will be a true treasure for every household, encouraging both deeper knowledge and love of Scripture and, for every Christian, a rich and fulfilling new way of praying.

Chinese Daily Gospel 2009

Publishers know that dated materials are a complicated business. In publishing the Chinese Daily Gospel, we have to be careful with the print run… We are pleased to share with you that the Chinese Daily Gospel in its edition for Mainland China has been reprinted three times and still copies were not enough. We reached 20,000 copies for this year 2009.

Meanwhile our team is working on the Chinese edition for 2010. You may know that we are also coordinating the printing of the Spanish edition called “Diario Bíblico” and the book is at the press in China already soon to be sent to 20 international ports – the 80,000 copies already presold mainly to Claretians in Latin America. As we say in our motto: “missionaries without borders… from China to the rest of the world.”

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