Monday, March 30, 2009

Claretians of Old…

Some time ago we mentioned to you the name of this remarkable Christian in Huangshan by the name of Nicolas. He was an altar boy when the first Claretian Missionaries were assigned in China more than 60 years ago. This “doctor” was in prison for many years for his faith, but has remained always joyful and willing to help the small Catholic community of Huangshan. Recently, his wife was baptized.

Anhui Province.

Huangshan City is a region with a long history and splendid cultures. Shexian and Yixian Counties were established more than 2,000 years ago. The city was famed for Hui businessmen, Hui carvings, Xin'an school of painting, Xin'an medicine, Hui architecture, Hui cuisine, and Hui opera (one of the tonalities of Beijing Opera). Also notable are the scenic spots of Mt. Huangshan - a key point of interest in ancient China, the Tangyue Memorial Archway, the Tunxi Ancient Street and the ancient villages of Yixian County . Historians at home and abroad regard Huangshan City as a natural history and culture museum of China.

Tunxi distric in Huangshan.
The place has a history of almost 2000 years.
Our missionaries lived meters away from this place 60 years ago.

Nicolas’ wife being baptized at their house

Nicolas and Marta getting married

The church and the community building.
The city is demolishing the old buildings
to leave room for new development.
Will the church building survive?
We do not know…

Fr. Paco Carin (center) with Christians of Qimen
– a place near Huangshan attended
in the past by Claretian missionaries

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