Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fr. Jose completes two years of Chinese Classes

Fr. Jose [Extreme right] together with some of his Chinese Classmates
This August, I have completed two years of Cantonese classes at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Although no where near an average speaker of this version of Chinese, I still feel excited with the fact that I am through with the numerous assignments, talks, quizzes and tests in the University.
However, the two years in the University was indeed a welcome-break from all the other assignments. Its true: being with the students keeps one young! After years of lecturing, it was fun to be at the 'receiving end'!

Having said that, the inability to understand, respond, read and write Chinese still poses the 'great wall' to be scaled to enter into the hearts of the Chinese! Hope and pray that the same Spirit which enabled the listeners of St. Peter to understand everything what he said on the day of the Pentecost, may work in all who listen to my Chinese!

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