Thursday, September 01, 2011

Welcome to the Macau - China Bulletin, September 2011

If you are one of our readers interested in reading
some in-depth articles about China,
then this free magazine is for you:

Free Magazine
Religions & Christianity in Today’s China

E-Journal RCTC
Religions & Christianity in Today’s China
is an English language e-journal.

The China-Zentrum e.V.
The China-Zentrum e.V. was established in 1988.
The aim of this officially recognized nonprofit organization
is to foster encounters and exchange between cultures
and religions in the West and in China.
The members of the China Center
are Catholic aid organizations,
religious orders, and dioceses
in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Our main tasks
The Center’s aims as laid out in its Statutes
in the following sectors:
Information and Conscientization
about Religions in China

Research on Christianity and its history in China
as well as on the other religions present
in the Chinese cultural sphere

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