Thursday, September 01, 2011

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Most of the work done as a publishing house in China resembles an iceberg. Only a tiny part of it is visible.
The main work of translating the complete Bible into modern Chinese keeps a team of about 15 Chinese scholars and editors busy. As we write this month’s blog, the Four Gospels, including a new translation of the text, introductions, commentaries and Lectio Divina guide is going to the press in Chinese traditional characters. A book of 800 pages. Here is the cover:

First page of the Gospel of Mark in traditional characters (Gospel text on the left and commentaries on the right)

At the same time we are also sending to the press the simplified Chinese version that is to be distributed inside China. For mainland China we are printing the four Gospels separately. Here is the cover of the Gospel of Matthew, also with new commentaries and a guide for Lectio Divina.

First page of the Gospel of Matthew in simplified characters
(Of course you saw the difference between traditional
and simplified characters, right?)

As you can see (!), on the left is the bible text, and on the right is the Lectio Divina guide and commentaries.

There are, at the moment, some 12 more Chinese titles (besides the Bible) in preparation for publication.

We, missionaries, are foreigners. The evangelization in China has to be done by the Chinese. Through publications, especially on the Bible, and internet materials available free online we help in the formation of evangelizers and grassroots people. Take a look at:

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