Thursday, September 01, 2011

The largest WYD delegation from the diocese of Hong Kong

Bishop John Tong Commissioning the 800 strong
Hong Kong Delegation for the WYD
Over 800 young people and 21 priests from Hong Kong left on August 5, for Madrid to attend World Youth Day (WYD). The participation in the WYD has a larger delegation of young people compared to the previous World Youth Day
Some of the Youth from Hong Kong with the Chinese flag at the WYD, in Madrid

On July 31, Mgr. John Tong, Bishop of Hong Kong, officially gave the mandate to the participants with a Mass in the Chapel of Christ the King at St. Paul’s School, concelebrated by 21 priests of the delegation.

The Hong Kong - China Delegation

Hong Kong was represented by more than 200 young people from the diocese under the direction of the Diocesan Youth Pastoral Commission and were joined by 600 other young people from 14 local youth communities, parishes, religious institutions, Catholic schools and ecclesial movements.

Bro. CJ [extreme left], Fr. Arturo [second from left] and Winnie [extreme right] were part of the Chinese, Taiwan, Japan Claretian delegation the WYD

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kailing said...

China and Taiwan Claretian Delegation, or more properly East Asia.