Tuesday, November 01, 2016

First Profession in Macau

Ian Dacayanan in Tai O, Hong Kong 
4 October is a day to remember for the Claretians in Macau, as on this day a Claretian Novice made his first religious profession in Macau. Ian Dacayanan was associated with the Claretian Publications in the Philippines since 2001. From 2006 to 2014 he had been assisting Fr. Rossa in the Publications in Macau. During this period, he was the page setter and web designer for the Publications. 
Ian being accompanied by Fr. Jijo during the First Profession 
The China Bulletin that you are reading now was originally designed and maintained by him 2006! Although he did not understand Chinese, he designed the page layout for the new translation of the Chinese New Testament! 
Ian professing his Religious Wows at the hands of the Superior Delegate, Fr. Paco Carin 
After years of service in the Publications, he expressed his desire to be a missionary in the Congregation and entered the formation programme in Taiwan. Later on, completed his Noviciate in Spain. Ian made his First Profession during the concelebrated Holy Eucharist in St. Lawrence Church, Macau on 4 October 2016. 
A hand of support and appreciation from the friends! 
Many Claretian confrères from Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong participated in the solemn liturgy. Ian will continue his Theology studies in the Philippines. Congratulations dear Ian! 
Together with the Claretian confrères from Japan, Taiwan, China, Macau and Hong Kong

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