Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Marian Pilgrimage in Lantau!

On the way to the "Marian Hill", Lantau Island
In the Month of October every year, parishioners of Epiphany parish make a Marian Pilgrimage to a small statue of Our Lady on the Bak Kung Au sector of the Lantau Peak, the tallest mountain in Lantau Island. 
Pilgrims going up the hill
The story goes back to the year 1999 when Mr. Giuseppe Salaroli, an Italian who lives in Lantau, fixed a small statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary by the side of a huge rock on the way to the Lantau Peak. 
Ave Maria, Regina Di Lantao
From then on, pilgrims from the various communities in Lantau Island would visit the statue and pray the Rosary. There were times in the past, when priests have accompanied small groups up the hill to celebrate Holy Mass there. 
Reciting the Rosary at the foot of the statue of
"Mary, Queen of Lantau!"
The Marian Pilgrimage and Rosary was conducted on 29 October, under the leadership of Mr. Salaroli. After the pilgrimage the Salarolis have hosted the pilgrims in their home for an Italian lunch.

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